About us

Filip Hering worked nearly 20 years as a unit manager and unit production manager in Germany. In 1999 he founded Wilma Film to help foreign and especially german producers to successfully undertake their movie & TV projects in the Czech Republic.

We have more than 15 years of experience as service producers. In this time we have been in charge of over 30 TV productions, miniseries & event films, as well as more than 10 feature films.


What we do


Whether it’s a day of shooting with an ENG team, a commercial shoot or an event film with a 150 crew members, we know what matters and what is expected of us. We have the best staff and know attractive locations. We specialize in service and film co-production with producers from German-speaking countries.


What we do better


A company is only as good as its employees. Expertise, communication, commitment, dedication but also empathy, respect and helpfulness towards one another are qualities our employees feature and which we greatly appreciate.


Partner & Co-production


In 2010, an incentive programme similar to the German DFFF was launched in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the programme foreign producers get back 20% of their Czech production costs. Since them we have been able to collect more than four million Euro for our partners from the Czech funding pot. All of our projects have been funded. So in addition to being a first-class service production, we can also help financing the projects.